Michael Walker

I am Michael Walker, otherwise known online as barrucadu. I am currently a Ph.D student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of York.

My research relates to nondeterministic concurrency in pure functional programming languages, such as Haskell. Increasingly, turning to concurrency for performance gains is a no-brainer, but it can be hard to get it right. Concurrency is hard in a number of areas:

My recent work has been on checking temporal logic properties of concurrent Haskell programs, building upon the Deja Fu work documented in a paper and a technical report. I plan to submit a paper on this to RV’16, I am also preparing a new account of Deja Fu to submit to the Journal of Functional Programming.

The plans for the rest of my Ph.D include:

See my publications and CV. If you’re looking for something to work on, see my project ideas.

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